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About Us

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Colorful Threads


Loves Branding was founded on embroidery and it continues to be the core of our business. It is definitely our favorite technique to decorate garments as it give any design or logo dimension. Beyond that, embroidery is extremely versatile and has many different applications for decorating such as 3d puff/foam, applique, patch-making, and countless more!

Custom T-shirt

Direct to Garment

After embroidery, our next step in the apparel decorating world was purchasing a direct to garment (DTG) machine which allowed us the option to print unlimited colors on most standard t-shirts. It took a lot of time to learn and understand the process of DTG but once we figured everything out, we were able to create some of the best prints with this process.


& More!

As our business grows, we are constantly analyzing what our next steps would be to either increase our productivity or expand our capabilities. At the moment, our hands are full with embroidery and direct to garment. However, we are either planning to bring in screen printing or partnering with a local shop to make larger quantity print production an option!

Our Story

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Meet The Founder

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Our Clients

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